Register for Tech.Ed '05...or the Finalizer will sort you out!

For those who are thinking of/wanting to/have already register[ing][ed] for Tech.Ed '05, then here is the link to do so. Now, the site has some great reasons listed as to why you should attend, but I've decided to list some of my own:

Reason #1: I'm presenting...and for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing me do so, you will be treated to a spectacle that can only be described as an orgy of the senses; complete with fire batons, MC Hammer pants, 80's hair do's and don'ts, poodles jumping through hoops, and my personal favorite, my entrance onto the stage upon one of those Billy Connolly tri-bikes (very manly indeed!).

Reason #2: I have finally received the USD$80M from Lt. Baruk Indoghuli of the Interior Defence Force of Siam...and will be handing it out in yellow envelopes to delegates who approach me wearing a blue beret and whispering the secret password, "Greetings Miguel Sánchez AKA Dr. Nyugen Van Phoc".

Reason #3: Frank Arrigo + "15 minutes a day to Poppin' and Lockin'" so don't wanna miss that!

So please register, and make a middle-class Developer Evangelist a happy grown man :)