Rock city! Oi! Oi!

It’s not long now until the Community Launch Parties, and for the lucky who got in early with their registrations, it’s going to be a great night.

But it’s not all about technology and products….noooooo! Its about ROCKING OUT!

So to make sure each party goes off, we’ve got some competitions going!

Firstly, we want to see you’re best Geek Rock image! I’m talking sleeveless ASP.NET t-shirts, piercings, sprayed hair with all the Windows colors! In fact, any attempt at rock/punk/ska style is welcome, and any memorabilia you think rocks, bring it to the party!

We’ve also got Karaoke! That’s right! Not only do you have to look rock/punk, you have to be able to scream uncontrollably until blood pours from the audiences ears (we are not encouraging the biting of any living things heads, and any Ashlee Simpson “punk” songs will result in grosse bodily harm)!

To ensure everyones humiliation at the hands of the fashion/Karaoke gods are rewarded, we will have awesome prizes and giveaways on the night. So make sure you’ll spread the word, and start thinking about your Community Party look!