Satisfy the Hood In You!

This weekend I picked up The Godfather on XBOX 360, and what can I say, it was an offer too good to refuse!

The great thing about The Godfather game is that they have managed to slip stream all the major plot points into the game, but still keep it exciting with free-style mob fun like extorting businesses or taking down rival families.

The best bits are the plot objectives, like getting the horses head into Jack Woltz's bed, or "going to the mattresses" when Sonny loses his famous temper! Ahhh, for any Godfather fan, it's better than Clemenza's pasta sauce!

And what's better, I just found out Scarface is coming to XBOX 360 too! If you're a greasy fan boy of mob flix like me, check out the trailer, it's golder than Frank Lopez's chains!