Shanemo and Davemo's Poster Extravaganzataboulostified Offer!

I've been waiting for some time now for my Optimus Prime costume to arrive, so every time the lovely ladies at reception ring me to inform me a package has arrived, I run down to level 5 with my hands over my mouth in pure excitement, hoping that my Transformers kit has arrived.

Today, fortune wore a different Kaftan, and instead of my costume, I discovered a stash of posters from Stuart White in a cylindrical cylinder mailing thing.

"What posters were within?" I hear you glee. Well none other than...

.NET Fx Posta!!!

A mutha of a Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 posta!

Now, for those who want to step into the time masheen with me, the year is 1997. I'm wearing a houndstooth jacket I bought from Myer for $29.95, with a nasty polyester white shirt and a Disney "Marvin the Martian" character tie, complete with linen pants and yellow Colorado boots. I'm the junior programmer (read test monkey) for a team of coders at Mobil Oil, and one of them, the most senior, is blessed with an MSJ subscription, and cracks open the middle to find the centerfold of all centerfolds... a Visual Basic 5.0 Object Model poster! Well, who wasn't swinging by the pig pen that month to check out that poster? I even remember how worn down the DAO parts of the poster got from people running their index finger around the Dataset classes.

So, how do you share in the joy that is your very own slightly larger than A1 sized Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 poster? Well, Shanemo and I have the answer.

Simply leave a comment with your email address, and a limerick that contains your favorite .NET namespace somewhere in the poem, and we will send you a poster in the mail (we'll email you if you have satisfied our stringent criteria), until they all run out.

For example, a valid limerick is:

I hack all day and all night
My code to review is a fright
But since System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates rocks
My certificate code is now tops
So at release time my check-ins are tight!


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