SP5, Windows Movie Maker and SoapBox! My 1st Trials Mobie!

I've been wanting to see how easy it would be to make my own movie using nothing but my i-mate SP5, Windows Movie Maker and a little bit of time. Since I've been learning to ride Trials for the past 10 months, I decided to use it as my inspiration for my first Mobie.

So here is my first effort:

So how did I produce it?

My steps were:

  1. I took my phone to the local primary school, sat it on a bench (it stands up on the base if it's not too windy)
  2. Captured some video of me doing some basic Trials moves (basic is the full complement of my repertoire by the way :))
  3. Downloaded the individual clips (I recorded them in AVI format on my phone) to my laptop
  4. 20 minutes using Windows Movie Maker and two mp3's, and shazam! My first mobie :)

Franky then uploaded it to Soapbox for me, as I don't have an account (eh hem), and I'm now in cyber space!

So go ahead, capture some content, produce it, upload it, and share some goodness!