Spend more time doing nothing!

Shanemo and me were chilling out at Kenny's bakery, working through some strategies for reclaiming some extra time during the day, either directly or indirectly.

I had some options, this was the one I really took a shining to though.

Strategy #1: Corporate Pseudonym

Essentially this strategy involves setting up two extra inboxes when you start a job. One is a fictitious colleague of similar but not responsibilities, and that fictitious colleagues boss. For example, I start at Microsoft, and immediately an extra two inboxes are created. So we have Dave Lemphers, Developer Evangelist who reports to Frank Arrigo, and Johnson Cartwright, Development Advisor who reports to Fredrigo Stienbrenbergovitz. Every time I get an email I don't want to have to deal with, I loop in Johnson, and put the load onto him. I then send an email on behalf of Johnson (because I have control over that inbox) to the other recipients, acknowledging the email and committing to solving the issue. Then Dave just sets and forgets, and if the original sender contacts me to complain that Johnson has done sweet fa, I just agree in protest, and cc his boss, Fredrigo, who responds by agreeing to take action (I control that inbox too), and I buy another three weeks! Even better, occasionally I set both OOF messages to get even more time!

Anyone else got any good strategies?