Tagged and released into the blogsphere!

I love blogging. Not only is it a great way to share information and ideas, but it’s one of the best creative outlets available to those of us who are challenged by the fine arts.

So I’ve been on a mission since I started blogging, to convert as many people that I can into bloggers. One such case was Chris Vidotto, my very good mate from Microsoft Melbourne. Everytime we catch-up, he shared this absolute pearlers with me, and I used to always chastise him for not blogging that kind of info.

I had to get this man blogging, so one night, Franky and I planned a daring mission; to kidnap Chris, and torture him until he setup a blog and posted his first entry!

So Franky and I donned our old Soviet Union military uniforms (we spent 20 years as high ranking officers in the soviet army..it’s where we met), drugged Chris out of his mind, and got him to setup a blog. As you can see from the images of Chris during the grueling torture sessions; it wasn’t pretty.

So Chris, welcome to the blogsphere matey! I'm looking forward to many informative and creative posts from you in the future.

And to all of you out there who aren’t blogging and should be; watch out, cos’ you may be next!