Tech.Ed 2006 Australia Site! I know famous people!

You know when you know someone of celebrity status, you get to claim a certain level of separation degree?

Well, I was checking out the Australian Tech.Ed 2006 site, and recognised a few faces! Based on their success and celebrity, my lunch box just grew a few centimetres wider!

So check it out, I thought I would add to Franky’s treasure hunt, and leave some more clues!

  • Front Page : That swarthy character of perfectly manicured facial enhancements (or as we say in the business, extensions) is the only person I know who can bubble sort an array of 1 million items using a single sheet of toilet paper! All while drinking a whole bottle of rum (well, next to someone drinking a whole bottle of rum anyway) ;)
  • Attending Page: This gentlemen is off particular interest to me, as he used to be my bosses boss! He also works in an office that houses the now famous, Microsoft Pipe of Friendship (or POF).
  • Exhibition Page:  Ahh, yes, this lovely lady is going above and beyond the call of duty for the Microsoft Developer community, by physically producing and rearing Microsoft babies!
  • Community Page: And finally, another wonderful contributer to the Microsoft gene pool, this gentlemen has donated not only time and money, but also off-spring to the overall developer community!

Hope every little bit helps! Btw, look forward to seeing ya’ll at Tech.Ed 2006!