The eyes have it Chico!

LOL, a couple of weeks ago, I caught up with the infamous Cam Reilly; for those of you who don't know Cam, I'd suggest you keep it that way. No, not at all, in fact, I think Cam is great, and he also heads up The Podcast Network, which is quickly becoming the number one Podcast aggregator in the free world! So it was with great pleasure I read this in The Age.

Now, for those who have seen my handsome profile on the last MSDN Flash, you may recognize the glasses Cam is wearing, in fact, they are one in the same. They are Cam's Venice Beach goggles, more Elvis than Hunter S. Thompson, but great nevertheless. So I invite everyone, if you see Cam around the streets, get him to take a picture of you wearing his Venice Beach goggles, then send it to me, I'll start a gallery!

Also, check out The Podcast Network, especially Dr. Pete's podcast, The Microsoft Developer Show.

And for those who want to bend their mind even more, check out this cool visual thingy...and as pointed out to me by Wai Kee, no it's not a virus ;)