The Ferdies! A Community Awards Program!!

I'm talking to Rob Farley (of "You could win from here!" fame) on IM about DailyDevelopers, and he has come up with an awesome idea; a set of annual community awards!

I'm running with it, and am thinking the name, The Ferdies is a good frame for it (well, for now anyway!).

This is exactly what our community needs! An annual awards night, where the best players in a set of categories are recognized for their hardwork! Categories like:

  • Best New Talent (Development)
  • Best New Talent (IT Pro)
  • Best New Presenter (Community)
  • Most Valuable Playa (Community)
  • Most Valuable Playa (Blogging)
  • Most Valuable Crocodile Shoes (Worldwide)

You get the drift! And it should be something with all the hoopla and hype of a Logies (or Fogies as I like to call it after John Whatshisfaces win last year, bleh!) or equivalent glory'fest; even better, something along the lines of the Players Ball (for all you The Mack fans)!

So Rob, what next!? How you gonna get this thing swimming!?