The What, When, How Long and Who I do stuff with!

I was thinking today that it would be great if I had a way to track how much time I spend on stuff. For me, most of the stuff I do is done on one of two of my devices, my PDA or my notebook. So then I got’s to thinking, what if there was a program I could install on both, that collected usage data on what I was doing at any one time. For example, I would collect:

  • Time
  • Date
  • TaskID: This would need to be something coarse grained, like Email (if I was using Outlook of Pocket Outlook), phone calls, chats, etc.

Now, the idea is if my PDA senses I’m on the phone, it records who I’m talking to, how long I talk for, and links it in with my Outlook contacts to work out who they work for, etc. It would also need to support some kind of hot systray icon that could allow me to indicate starts and ends of non-computer tasks, like if someone chats to me at my desk, I could also activate this on my PDA with some icons on the Today page/screen. Then at scheduled periods, the PDA software and the computer software would sync up with a web service on the web, and on a daily, weekly, whatever frequency, would send me my activity report, and a breakdown of what I do, when I do it, how long I do it for, and who are the people/companies I do it with.

If anyone has seen anything like this, then please let me know, or if you’re going to write it, tell me so I can be the beta bunny :)