Want to ask the VSTS team a question??

This August I'm off to Redmond for our internal technical readiness event called TechReady. As soon as I got my confirmation email, I buzzed Franky and asked him if I could get over to Seattle a few days early, to catch-up with a few folks from Microsoft. Franky being the best boss in the free world, said "Hell yeah!", so I immediately emailed a couple of VSTS legends to see if they would tolerate me for an hour or so while I interviewed them for a wholly focused, Visual Studio Team System, down under web cast! Guess what? They said yes!!! Wooohoo!

So the cast of my little webcast, entitled "Life in the Team System", will be:

Jason McConnell - Product Manager, Visual Studio - Visual Studio Industry Partner SDK

Michael Leworthy - Senior Product Manager, Visual Studio

Eric Lee - Product Manager, Visual Studio Team System - Team Foundation Sever

Rob Caron - Programming Writer, Visual Studio Team System - User Education Team

Some of the questions I'm hoping to ask are:

Q. When did you first hear about VSTS, and what made you apply for a position in the team?

Q. What would be your highest high and lowest low during your time on the VSTS project?

Q. What does a standard day look like on the VSTS project team?

Q. What is the future for VSTS?

So I'm inviting everyone to leave their comments on what questions they would like answered by Jase, Michael, Eric and Rob, and I'll pick the most popular ones for my Q&A time.