Wasted mid-life.

About three years ago, I decided I wasn't happy with the kind of support Visual SourceSafe was giving me, so I sat down, and started writing my own source code control system from scratch. I downloaded all the relevant white papers and Ph.D thesis' available on the topic, and using Access (2003 mind you) and a mix of IronPython and COmega, I started my coding manifesto.

Well, after reading this article from Buck Hodges on Source Control support within VSTS, I'm feeling a little vulnerable. This article is particularly great, as it discusses the topic of shelving, which is something that has got a lot of people (well, just me really) confused.

Jeez, I don't know what I'm going to do with the 140 million lines of managed .NET and un-managed ASM code I've written over the past three years...anyone interested in a great CRM solution???