What can I tell about TechEd 2006 from the video?

OK, so Franky sent out a link to the TechEd 2006 Preview Video, and I just had to comment. Now, I have a problem with marketing style vid clips, because they always have ridiculous images portraying absurd stereotypes or random “things” just buffering the time line.

So what did I notice in the TechEd 2006 Preview Video that required further clarification from our marketing peeps?

1. What is the relevance of the footage of four people wearing headsets and typing on network computers at the beginning of the clip have to do with TechEd 2006 in Australia?

2. What’s with the dude doing a David Lee Roth high kick while the voice over talking about “enhancing my career”? What’s that about?

3. The image of the car driving, the people walking in fast motion over a bridge, someone plunging into water, some people in suits standing around pointing at a computer screen, all while the voice over says, “Deep dive workshops”?? Where was the clip of Chucky searching the ocean floor for The Wreck of the Hesperus?

4. What was the relevance of the images of some people in what looks like a media prep area while the voice over says, “Hands on labs”?? It looked like the people were getting ready to broadcast Today Tonight, not do the latest WinFX HOL!

5. More random pictures of cars driving on bridges, sand dunes, city skyscapes…

6. Woop, hang on, some still camera images of last years TechEd…now we’re getting somewhere!

7. Back to the random images, this time of the mono-rail, the sky needle thingy in Sydney, another night time skyscape, yet more freeway driving, more shopping centres, and finally, a picture of the marina.

Phew, so from what I can tell, this years TechEd is going to be held in Professor Poopsnaggle’s bus, as he flys everyone around the city, showing them freeways, skyscapes, sand dunes, call centres, and then over to see an impromptu kick from a David Lee Roth impersonator (maybe we’ll get lucky, and it will be Max Pellicano! Uh huh).

C’mon marketing boffins, let’s move away from the heady, currency fuelled days of the 80’s where there mere image of the sun reflecting off a yellow glass windowed city building was enough to win the multi-thousand dollar creative project of an overseas owned subsidiary. As my coach used to revel in saying, “Extract a digit”, and make the creative more meaningful, more contextual, more relevant, and more fun. Or I promise, I’ll stop buying my favourite breath spray!