Where's the paddle?

My man Deeps has been busy this month, first the free books, now this:


It’s the new MSDN Faculty website, and it’s wholly focused on Australian faculty members! This is awesome, as we generally end up getting rolled up to the US based sites, so I love seeing local content with local context.

So I had a quick surf around the site, and check out who is Faculty Member of the Month, my old lecturer, Andrew Cain! Andrew was one of the co-ordinators for my final year project when I attended Swinburne Uni, and he’s also my main contact at Swinburne now. Good work Andrew :)

There is also a Faculty Blog at:


Very cool too. I’m glad to see the Microsoft academic support moving into faculty, they provide the entry point into many universities for Microsoft, and without them, we wouldn’t have the strong relationship we have with students at the moment. Go the faculty!