Whoops! I really need to RTFM!

I’m a real gumby when it comes to software, I should so RTFM!

I was adding a new category into my blog today, so I can capture people’s feedback on the sessions I give (I think it’s easier if people can just click the rating thingy), and I discovered this section in the admin part of my blog called “Feedback”.

So I click on it, and there are like 15 comments from people on blog posts of mine going back months. I went, WHAAAT!?

Turns out, some of my posts have had the “moderated” option turned on, which means peoples comments get stored up in this little list. So my biggest apologies to people if they have posted a comment on my blog, and wandered what happened to it! From now on, I will be extra vigilant, and make sure I check the feedback list every day. Please keep commenting on my blog, I love the feedback, it really gives me an idea of what people like and don’t like!

Chau :)