Windows Azure SDK and Tools Refresh!

Today we released refreshes to both the Windows Azure SDK and the VS Tools for Windows Azure!

  • Windows Azure SDK (this has the dev fabric and local storage stuff)
  • VS Tools for Windows Azure (this has the templates and integration functionality to connect to the local and live environments for developing Windows Azure applications using Visual Studio)

What's hot in the new refresh?

Well, first we fixed a pesky little problem with VS hanging when you hit F5. For some customers, this ended up locking up the environment and you had to kill VS to get it all sorted, this is a huge fix.

We also fixed the limitation of using special characters in entities, which affected some update or delete operations.

There have also been a bunch of performance fixes, so the overall user experience feels a lot nicer compared to the PDC release.

There's quite a bit more in this release, however I only mentioned the issues that affected me most, I'm selfish like that (I'm sorry, please don't judge me).

So get cranking and download the new version, you won't be disappointed (especially me, since tonight is pizza night too!!).

Enjoy :)

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