Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 SP2 and .NET 2.0!

Dave G was installing TFS and discovered that TFS B3 Refresh requires Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 Service Pack 2. I wasn’t sure what this SP had, so I did some digging, and as it turns out, it allows SharePoint to run under the .NET 2.0 framework (RTM) and supports SQL Server 2005. This rocks!

Also via Korby’s blog I found a link to Jan Tielens’ blog about his Son of SmartPart v1.0 release. This is a seriously cool WSS extension that allows you to run ASP.NET 2.0 Web User Controls and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in your v2 SharePoint sites!

My next step is to crack open the new SDK  for WSS 2.0 SP2 (for those who came along to my TechEd prezzo, you’ll remember we had to do our DocLib extension in VS2003 and our InfoPath form in VS2005, this goes away now, thank goodness) and start writing some document library extensions and even get around to finishing my Wss Site Security handler.