Apple charge for faster Wi-Fi

I popped into the Apple Store today, which was a unique experience. The store was filled with bright lighting, wood panelled floor, white apple products abound and a helpful attendant. Unfortunately I'd tapped on a standard reponse question. In this case I asked for a technician to replace my wifi card in my MacBook pro (running Vista) to 802.11n which will give me better range and higher speed to my Windows Vista Media Center.

The attendant claimed first it couldn't be done, then it could but they can't do it and finally "no I can't buy the part" from them. The net result I'd have to do it myself. I'd seen it on youtube so I thought maybe Ill just go and order it.

Then I read this article back in 2007.

Apparently many MacBook Pro's are in fact wifi 802.11n enabled - they require a software patch for 1.99 USD. After lots of searching I found it here (the "enabler")

Then I thought if its just Mac Software then surely the Atheros adapter is vista can be updated with a simple driver which I am sure is where I was a few days ago.



No such luck...

Before I spend my 1.99 I needed to know what I am going to get - Upgraded Atheros AR5008X driver for 802.11n? Or am I already 802.11n! It appears the latter is the case.