Avril Henry – What will you remembered for from the Global Financial Crisis?

Great article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning by Avril Henry.

Essentially it played to my recent management studies - her general comments were that as companies become cost focused, the impact of people is felt as they trend towards 1950’s style direct management. Command and control, and a tight micro managed task worker may result in employee dissatisfaction. Since in ten years time 40% of the workforce will be Gen Y in Australia (interestingly this group and women <30 constitute our most progressive industries), Avril argues, with effect, that people will remember and may lash out on social networking sites.  Commentary about companies bad management and managers will out.

I’d push this further and state that as social networking is now not only prevalent it is also becoming semi-permanent. You can search and find, track events and mark incidents as they happened. Short term strategy can leave an indelible mark.

However a questionable positive side effect might be the maturing of the GenY’s as Avril pointed out in her 2007 article on commitment.