#Azure Action – Weekly Newsletter – 25th February 2011

clip_image00132222222Local Overview

Phil Goldie: Co-presenting with Janison at IDC Conference on How Platform-as-a-Service is transforming NSW DET Schools Testing

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  • Windows Azure

Grant Holliday (Aussie) IntelliTrace for Azure without Visual Studio

Dynamically scale your Windows Azure service instances…

Azure Tools/SDK 1.3 and IIS Logging

  • SQL Azure

Exploration of the new sharding features coming to SQL Azure databases


Case Study

“transforming the company into one of the major cloud services providers in Australia”



Automation and monitoring tools for subscription billing

ManageAxis by Cumulux – which provides application monitoring and “auto scaling” of Azure services

Azure diagnostics manager

Azure monitor

Greybox - Azure Hosted Service Deployment Notifier




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General news:


Windows Azure




  • IDC Cloud for Business Conference on the 3rd of March where Microsoft will be a Platinum Sponsor. Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

  • Cloud Computing Forum – Run by Orion VM (Sheng Yeo) First Friday in March (see website)

  • Azure ISV Acceleration Labs pencilled in for 28th-30th March – more details to follow




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Edited but not yet published: CloudCast - an audio series featuring myself, Rab Thynne, Tom Hollander and Michael Rosic

Coming in March: Azure Meetups!


Quick questions about the Service Bus


Q: Is the Windows Azure platform AppFabric and the AppFabric Controller the same?

A: No. The Fabric Controller is an internal system used by Windows Azure to provision, monitor, and manage services that run in Windows Azure.

Q: How do I access the service bus?

A: The Service bus provides a mapping from URI to services

e.g. Http[sb]://solution.servicebus.windows.net/accounts/svc

Q: Is queuing in the service bus?

A: No. Queuing is provided via Windows Azure Storage

Q: What's coming for the Service Bus?

A: Service Bus Enhancements (CTP at PDC) – enhanced to add durable messaging support, load balancing for services, and an administration protocol

Q: Is the service bus the same service bus as available through BizTalk?

A: No. There share some heritage but the implementation in this version is much simpler and more protocol oriented

Q: In a multicast scenario how many listeners can I have?

A: 20 concurrent listeners (this limitation is subject to change).

Q: How is the service bus priced?

A: It is priced different depending on customer offer, commitment and consumption but it can be explained quite easily.

Costs for the Service Bus are related to the number of simultaneous open connections (service bus end points) per day during a billing period.

This is consistent with the no-use no charge policy in the rest of Windows Azure.