#Azure Action – Weekly Newsletter – 4th February 2011

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Case Study


  • SQL Azure TCO Calculator - compare the cost of SQL Azure databases to other alternatives
  • Web based Windows Azure storage Management tool (watch for password caching):*thanks to Tom Hollander for link





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General news:

“The entire complex will initially cover some 646,000 square feet, according to IBM, which is collaborating with a Chinese company to build it.

“pure IaaS is largely the domain of the technical folks“


Windows Azure



  • Cloud Computing Forum – Run by Orion VM (Sheng Yeo) First Friday in March – details coming soon



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Recorded but not yet publishe: CloudCast - an audio series featuring myself, Rab Thynne, Tom Hollander and Michael Rosic

Coming in March: Azure Meetups!

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This week a few basic questions answered on the Windows Azure App Fabric Access Control Service (ACS)?

Q: What are the key components of the ACS?

  • A Management Portal - a user interface that you can use to create and manage
  • A Management Service - a programmatic interface to allow consumer to interact with ACS resources
  • A Token-Exchange Endpoint - issues security tokens
  • SDK - Tools and Samples to manage access to ACS

Q: I prefer to learn by watching. What videos are there?

A: Some examples here:

Q: I'm keen to get started. Where can I learn how to implement an Access Controlled Service?

A: Channel 9 - Getting Started with ACS

Q: Can I use the ACS with existing on-premise applications?

A: Yes. For example Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Q: How does ACS deal with the issue of threat management?

A: Read Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service (ACS) v2 – Threats & Countermeasures

Q: How much does ACS cost?

A: As of late last year the cost per 100,000 transactions was roughly 2 USD. See pricing

Q: What's coming in ACS 2.0?

A: In addition to authentication by other security providers,. each of the key components of ACS have been upgraded and setup and interactions made easier.

More questions? Go to the Windows Azure AppFabric CTP Forum