Azure in Action Reboot

Over the past 4 years I’ve been creating a newsletter, mostly weekly, to cover all the news (mostly technical) relating to Windows Microsoft Azure. The predominant focus was to help local (ANZ) enthusiasts and professionals find events, connect and stay up to date.

During that time I relied on the following resources:

My own Microsoft Azure Action newspaper

Gab Hern’s excellent Talking About Cloud Computing newspaper

and the #Azure Daily  and The Microsoft Azure Times Daily.

A selection of combined Netvibes journals including Cloud Computing Journal InfoWorlds Cloud Computing and the always controversial and informative The Register

Roger Jennings Oakleaf systems did a more thorough job than I with his Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts, which was essential reading for me as technical specialist too

As I moved from working with the broader range of Azure projects to more specifically focused on software vendors, I haven't been able to take the required day out to create this set of resources. Besides, Microsoft has changed. If you are not convinced that is the case, please watch Scott Hanselman’s "Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler" Keynote talk at Velocity Santa Clara 2014. The promises and plans of cloud first and mobile first have already been realised in the new Azure.

Since starting in 2010 in Azure, where very few people knew Azure, now pretty much every role in Microsoft has it embedded in their day-to-day. Nick Ward was there at the beginning for Australia and he continues to publish the very excellent What's New in Azure monthly update.

In my current role, as part of a global team, I am working with new resources broader than my past technical remit. Our team is concerned and focused in helping our software vendors grow customers. If you have a software solution you want to run better as a service, its a sustainable product – an emerging, not start-up solution, then our team can help (ping me). We can help your business through (marketing) e.g. or through strategic alignment, architectural and technical strategy assistance.

So, dear readers (are there any out there– nominally each post would have 1000-2000 views – even accidental?) what is next?

I have a couple of new updates I will be posting regularly under the heading Azure Architecture first starting with the road to multi-tenancy. In my experience there are a number of technical best practices and business considerations when looking at enabling customer acquisition at scale. I’ll be going through these with a focus on Azure.

Secondly I will be posting a few monthly highlights from the World of Azure….. but for now here's my timeline (errors are mine) of Azure Activity since last post:



Finally a few non-service announcements: