BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD messaging

Many Financial Services customers are evaluating ACORD as a standard set of messages to accomplish changing requirements and regulatory environments.

So, the challenge is how to implement ACORD messaging on the Microsoft platform in Insurance or how do we implementing a standard messaging platform (ESB) in Insurance.

There are 2 pieces to this story.

1) Using a standard messaging platform for Insurance which means receiving and sending a standard set of XML messages between heterogeneous systems.

2) Taking a standard set of XML messages and integrating/translating them into messages for existing legacy environments.  Some of which are 10-20 years old and on mainframe systems.

The .NET accelerator is useful for sending and receiving ACORD messages for both P&C and Life, named the IVC Software Factory for ACORD Standards.  ( The works well with existing customers who are building or have built an ESB/SOA based architecture and need to integrate with ACORD or have already exposed API’s to their legacy systems.

Last week, TwoConnect announced availability of a BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD messaging. This is for those who have older legacy systems and are looking at implementing a server to support a standard set of messages without requiring a large amount of coding

The TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD extends the Microsoft BizTalk Server Platform to provide comprehensive and reliable processing and delivery of ACORD XML messages.

Demo Video