Blackjack II to HTC Touch HD - First thoughts

I stretched myself to buy the new HTC Touch HD (iPhone look-a-like) Windows Mobile Device from Handtec in the UK thanks to guidance found in the forums on whirlpool.

The question is how does it fair against my trusty similar sized Samsung BlackJack II?

Well at first glance it looks shinier and about the same size (see comparison pictures after opening below):

HTC Box Opening 001HTC Box Opening 003 

The bad:

  • Heavier - not as portable - feels sturdy but plastic front feels breakable
  • Unresponsive when busy (noticed more when it was loading exchange contacts etc. for first time)
  • Typing via touch does not have the same feedback as with the regular keyboard - would be hard to use two finger typing.
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 not built for Touch yet (TouchFlo is pretty good though)
  • No flash on camera (a minor but important gripes with 5MP camera)

The good:

  • Resolution (awesome) - even bigger screen than iPhone
  • GPS - port change and it worked first time - and FAST (sub 20 seconds)
  • Emails - Brilliant for reading clarity and simple movements
  • Extensible - Battery swappable. Includes 8Gb mini SD - nice. Like the cover that HTC provides.
  • Universal (USB not Samsung proprietary)
  • Camera - some nice pictures (if you keep your hand still)
  • Tilt sensor - not quite sure how I'll make use of this but is very accurate.



** Windows Mobile Device Manager - Nice picture, thanks HTC


The weird but good intrinsic feedback:

The bumpy sensation when pressing buttons or game functions are invoked

Will be demo'ing at forthcoming Office and Sharepoint Forum in Sydney in session I am supporting Alistair Speirs in. Still unconvinced if its my phone of choice, but its a great (read expensive) gadget