Blog Backups

I've been looking for an easy way to port and backup my blogs.

I recently testing BlogML as I was considering port my personal blog from wordpress to spaces. Its been managed by a .net architect Simone Chiaretta in New Zealand

BlogML is an XML format for storing the entire content of a blog. You can use BlogML as a way to archive the contents of blogs or to act as a standard format for transferring content from one blog to another - this could include migrating a blog from one blogging engine to another

Update from Grant Holliday (10th Jan):

Darren Neimke (Readify - ) actually started BlogML, and now Keyvan Nayyeri is playing a big part of it

... and the verdict is (no documentation and few options = too early in the piece)

What I have decided to use instead is: https://www.blogbackuponline.c