CCF = Operational Improvements

Lawrence is presenting CCF being less of a tactical solution and more the missing piece of the puzzle.

Using MSF phases CCF can deliver iterative benefits to transform tactical to strategic in small steps:

  • Execution - Operational improvements with quick and long term win approaches
  • Deployment - Securing deployment and facilitating migration phases
  • Stabilization - Provide the flexibility to experiment new offerings and product launches

The big message coming across time and again from CCF over and above user productivity is "NO rip and replace".

Some feedback form the field is that most customer tend to veer towards the provided UI over time, but to start with the tendency is to use the existing user interface.

SOA - CCF allows other front end integration options thanks to all middle tier logic being web service "enabled"

Typical setup steps:

Step 1: Define UI and workflow

Step 2: Integrate backend applications

Step 3: Complete UI and backend integration

The business process can be improved through key features in CCF:

  • single sign on
  • automation (copy and paste, context sharing)
  • scripting (CCF workflow)

Example Benefits :

  • Revenue increases
    • opportunities for cross and up selling to customer
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    • agent effectiveness e.g. average Handling Time typically reduced by 25%
    • improved service levels e.g. ability to support more channels
    • higher customer retention e.g. lower abandoned calls
  • Improved employee satisfaction
    • manual tasks can be now automated (typically 60% improvement)
    • Training time is reduced (typically greater than 25%)