Changes from Windows Azure Caching Service to Windows Azure Caching Preview

There are a number of changes in how caching is performed between the old and new.

There were three parts for the client of the configuration for a Windows Azure Caching Service

<!-- 1: require data cache configuration -->

<!-- 2: require data cache definition –>

<!-- 3: If session state needs to be saved in the Caching service, then a state provider is needed -->


From the old portal you could simply click the view client config to get the example config you needed.

So what's new? Frankly not a lot from an operational perspective. In my case only this one additional line:

Config: You need to specify for the cache definition in step 2 "

<autoDiscover isEnabled="true" identifier="[cache cluster role name]" />

If you are thinking of upgrading please note:

  • Windows Azure Caching (Preview) is available as a technology preview at this time.
  • Unlike Shared Caching (its predecessor) the Role-based Caching (Preview) is private to your hosted service.