Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the .NET Services Software Development Kit (SDK).

The latest .NET Services SDK CTP delivers some significant changes.

It now supports Windows 7 RC. In addition it expedites the set-up experience, improves service security and reliability, and follows-through on the planned removal of the.NET Services Workflow Service.

This CTP release continues Microsoft’s support for web standards and interoperability, and makes it simpler for developers to connect cloud applications and services across platforms. It allows web developers using any programming language to use the services to connect, collaborate, and create federated applications. Developers can download the .NET Services SDK today from

.NET Services July CTP SDK Release introduces the following updates:

  1. Windows 7 RC Support - .NET Services now supports Windows 7 RC, in addition to Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Vista. The July CTP Release SDK can be installed on machines running Windows 7 RC.
  2. Set-up - There are multiple improvements in the set-up experience, which make it quicker for developers to get started and take advantage of the benefits of .NET Services:
    1. One-click install.
    2. Integrated installer (combined UI/ unattended install) for both the SDK and the Client Redistributable.
    3. The SDK installer now also supports incremental upgrades.
      Microsoft Confidential
    4. Workflow Service – As announced previously, after listening to customer feedback this service is being removed from .NET Services until further notice.

The latest .NET Services CTP is available at: - “Microsoft .NET Services SDK”. You can read the .NET Services July 2009 CTP release notes for any breaking changes and known issues. Also, you can visit the .NET Services Developer Center to access .NET Services forums, videos, blogs, documentations and more.

As context it may be worth reading Juval Lowys “Working With The .NET Service Bus