Developing for Surface

I want a Surface device, and not suprisingly I want the SDK. See how easy it will be to develop for XNA and WPF below,  you may want one too:

Firefly is an example example of the SDK in use. From what I've heard Surface supports 52 simultaneous multi-touch interactions!

I'm sure there is a killer app waiting to be written with this product.

Below is a great (but noisy) video of some of the demo's recently shown for Surface

by fannysparty

Deep Zoom (code name Seadragon) and Surface combined thanks to Live Labs (warning: video below contains annoying advertisement overlays):


The video really demonstrates some of the incredible visualisations you can do using this device. - See here for more videos and news


Some examples of commercial use:

Video: Microsoft Surface at the Rio in Las Vegas as documented here

Video: Microsoft Surface at AT&T stores