Digital Nativity–Some Windows Azure scenarios and solutions?

This week the digital nativity video has been doing the rounds in Facebook and email. Very clever it is too. You can see the excentric YouTube Video for yourself here:

Now literally thinking, how could the cloud (and Windows Azure specifically) have helped if it had been around back then? Its a far stretch but maybe…

Scenario Complication Implication Azure solution
Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay No room at the inn Last place was to sleep in the same place as the animals Accommodation Windows Azure Web Role to scale to demand
Roman census Everyone must travel to their home town Need to record citizens Census data stored in SqlAzure and selective data made available to the empire through the DataMarket
Magi following star Requires line of site and night Would take some time to track Astronomy Charts stored in Azure Storage and high performance computing instance used to calculate and model direct route
Shepherds minding sheep Scared senseless by Angel Go to find baby Jesus Windows Azure Access Control service. Identity foreign body with appropriate credentials
Herod hears of new Baby King Herod wants to find and dispose of the threat Joseph, Mary and Jesus need to get out of town quick An event based monitoring system using the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus

Merry Christmas!