Fishing for a reaction on Vista

My friend Robert has been fishing for a reaction on his comments on Vista. I know he was poking some fun but I thought I'd better blog my own "Why Vista".


Yes, Vista took around 4 years to come to fruition (from the last release) and it had some significant issues on drivers on release. Though, I heard from colleagues, some 50% or so of initial bugs reported, using the error reporting tool, were apparently with a single Video driver. It is suggested that vendors just didn’t get why they should provide drivers in a timely fashion. I personally saw this when running Vista for a year before release, and having to use old XP driver for sometime after release for my Dvico Nano. Now, of course, drivers are abundant.

Vista is more than Robert suggests than “XP dressed up”. It is massive and on the same platform as award winning Server 2008 platform which has received rave reviews. The problem with Vista I propose is perception. I’m not embarrassed to say "I like it" and moreover I certainly wouldn’t go back to XP.  Have you tried trying to find stuff in XP?

Below are a few non UI features worth considering, but I would recommend deciding for yourself...

· Totally rebuilt using SDL

  • Basically this means fewer than 40% patches required relative to XP. The O/S is the safest and hardiest yet produced.
  • I’ve personally experienced a much higher degree of resiliency to impact of malware and other suspect Internet activities. I too have had no crashes.

· Security

· Revamped search built into the whole of the platform (controls thru Internet sites and desktop in single panel) + search folders

· Myriad of benefits are for administrators – single image and deployment strategy, reliability indexing, new logs,

· Power management and mobility/sync centre, superfetch etc.

· More devices supported than XP (80k+) and app compatibility modes….


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The real benefits for business come by a holistic approach. I think Core Infrastructure Optimisation is the key to this: