Learning's from Remix 09 Australia – Azure, Blend and Silverlight

When I attended Remix last month I made some notes in the evening on what I learned that day:

Top Line:

  • Silverlight is extremely rich in features that make create appealing user experiences quicker than before
  • Much of the learning's from other technologies such as Surface have been reused
  • This has led to rapid appealing applications emerging and new cloud platforms options to assist

The Silverlight site has some great videos on what's new in Silverlight 3.0


  • Azure service management tools demonstrated looked very appealing
  • Eventing through Azure was possible
  • Configuration for Azure was pretty good
  • There are tools to load SQL data to the Cloud.

Such as taking the data from a SQL Server database and upload it in their Azure table storage account

Silverlight 3:

Blend 3:

  • Storyboard and animations have had a major overhaul - Hold, transition/ease and new brush types
  • Visual State modeller and transitions are a major step forward in describing and modelling UI animations
  • Out of Brower (OOB) and Save to File can be brought to life using behaviours - Silverlight project options enable OOB
  • Assets and tab docking are now possible
  • Blend 3 works with TFS




Sketchflow (experiment with ideas for dynamic user interaction)