Maxtor Mini

Looking in the paper today I was disappointed to see that the 290 bucks I spent on my mini 100Gb was no longer a deal and the quoted price was 226 (which I found hard to believe using tools such as

The Maxtor mini software I reported doesn't work on RC1. Ah but, on reinstall I this time followed the instructions (press the button when the setup screen appears after a reboot). If you follow the instructions the software appears to work (though I did have a couple of unexpected things happen - such as saying its backing up and isn't).

The official response I got from Maxtor was "As of right now our drives are not supported by vista. We do not have a date of when software updates will be available. "

Sync didn't work as expected and when I did replicate on my work laptop the mini was no longer recognized by the Maxtor software. I will continue to look for a solution

On another note I've been thinking about a Mac Book Pro 17" as my new home laptop. A few things have kind of put me off. First off, the keyboard and single mouse button could be annoying and secondly I will need to check if the fan is ok (my tosh works great but the fan is loud) and the screen resolution and clarity match or surpass my Sony A190.

Also I have rediscovered the Reliability Center today in Vista (do a Vista search). I love the tracking ability to show how stable a system is and what may have caused the problem. Also the reports are quite outstanding. To-do: add some nice pictures