Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide - 1st Edition

I recently received the announcement of the first edition of the “Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide”.

The Microsoft BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide is the second installment in a series of guides intended to provide easily accessible, hands-on guidance to our customer and partners. This 228 page guide is available on MSDN, TechNet and as a separate DOCX or CHM download alongside the already available “Microsoft BizTalk Operations Guide” 

The guide is based on real-world experience and provides regularly maintained prescriptive guidance & best practices on optimising BizTalk Server performance for demanding production environments.

The key sections of the guide are:

· Getting Started: Provides an overview of the BizTalk Server functional components that can affect performance. It also describes the phases of a BizTalk Server performance assessment.

· Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks: The Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks section describes various types of performance bottlenecks as they relate to BizTalk Server solutions and information about how to resolve the bottlenecks.

· Automating Testing: Describes how to implement an automated build process and how to automate functional and load testing using Visual Studio Team System, BizUnit and Loadgen.

· Optimizing Performance: The Optimizing Performance section provides guidance for optimizing performance of specific components in a BizTalk Server environment