Microsoft Sphere; A Multi-Touch Interactive Spherical Display

Last weekend I was sharing with my colleagues some videos I saw of the Microsoft Sphere device.

Its much like the Surface device, in that its multi-touch. Unlike the surface its rounded which makes the mind boggle. Clearly it has some sort of central projection and I would imagine infra-red cameras like the surface but this really takes the physics to another level.

So, too does it change the way one might interact with technology. A sphere would not only be good for classrooms but I could see airport information booths and trading room floors benefiting from this.

Anyway here are a few of the videos:

Video: Microsoft Sphere

Incredibile, Sphere by Microsoft


It was published on engadget on the 29th July


My Favouite features are:

the dark-side (push things through the cube)

the top menu (both hands bring up feature menu)

Strange though that it looks like a water dispenser!