New UP some Linq

This post is yet another technology placeholder.

I found the other day my PDC 05 notes and specifically Linq which I thought I better check in on again. I came across Wes Dyer's blog , which is sensational but my head hurts. Instantly like the guy as he has a good interest in board games.

The PDC expression back then was New UP (as in new;ing up something)  

An overview of the main feature lambda expression is well detailed here

My notes (incomplete - I will need to add reference to MSDN later):

Lambda expression - provide a more concise, functional syntax for writing anonymous methods
Identifiable by => and the keyword Func

Lambda expression tree - expression lambda expressions as a graph

extension methods - add methods to types that already exist (e.g. IEnumerable)

Object initializers - typical embedded .net objects

var keyword - same as type initializer

anonymous types - create new type based on predefined type (you dont need to specify type as it is inferred by result)

A good article on Lambda expressions, and the progression from .net 2.0,  can be found here