Playing with HP Multi-Touch on Win7 for Amplify09

Today I have been having fun with the HP IQ528 – thanks HP! We are planning to use at the Amplify09 event this Friday. I installed the Windows 7 touch pack and added a beta multi-touch driver (thanks to Windows 7 TechNet forums) and a few games such as Airhockey from IdentityMine who did some great apps for Surface. Check out these great videos showcasing their work.

Much like Gizmodo demonstrated in Video in February:

Tap and multi tap (pitched sounds). tap and hold brings up right click functionality

Flick: page up and down

Zoom:pinch and stretch to enhance

Rotate: single hold and gesture on second point

Draw: multiple touch points for painting

What we found most disturbing, on a related note, was the HP Touch Smart Web camera avatars. Some people just look odd as a dog!

Also there are a number of Office Labs projects being updated for Multi-Touch touch as:

PPT Flex

Canvas for OneNote