RFID Setup

There are a few steps to setting up RFID:

  • You will need this MMC console if you are not running Vista:

Microsoft Management Console 3.0 Pre-Release (RC1 Refresh)

  • You will need to have Biztalk installed, configured and the the BizTalk host service and rules update services started
  • You will need to have selected MSMQ as a standard windows component to be added with core components.

Warning: beware when using the RFID manager of misleading information. Sometimes nothing is displayed if a dialog box is open. Also if you start the service manually from the Services MMC the RFID manager gets in a bit of a muddle.

if you are using SQL Express you will need theĀ  SQL Server Management Studio Express

Note: the "Programs and Features" does not contain the RFID install.

I did originally write

  • You should create an RFID service user with logged on permissions

Otherwise you get this event log Message:Cannot open database "RFIDSTORE" requested by the login. The login failed. Do this step before installing the Infrastructure (otherwise you get database and registry security grief)

However, maybe because of visa I couldn't get the service to be recognised. Instead I found the RFID problem due to not specifying the FULL NAME (instead of (local)) for SQL EXPRESS. Beginner error.