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Interesting challenge for the new year by Mick. "Tag" 5 people to reveal 5 things they normally wouldn't.

 So here's a bash:

 1) I was on the set of Dallas "Who Shot JR?"

Not only was I spotted and filmed for the news in Texas at Fort Worth but later that day when travelling back we were pulled over when the helicopter landed to tell Bobby and Pamela (wow) that JR had been shot. I'm on the back of a pickup truck on a sun-lounge with my Uncle. Would love to get a recording of the show, which we lost.


 2) Following my stint on Dallas I was later spotted on the "Untied Shoelaces" show

Embaressingly enough I was filmed dancing and singing on stage in some dodgy 70's outfit. Funnily enough I have continued to be a fan of untied shoelaces.


3) Billboards in Bristol

Thanks to Nick Jackson (best man) he posted between 100-200 large posters of me from my stag do all over Bristol in 1999. From my the apartment complex lamposts to main road billboards to shopping malls and even my local church I found pictures (of me dressed up) upto 4 months later advertising my phone number and other services.

4) Wonky eyes

I recently discovered that, although my eyesite is fine, that the squinting when looking at my pocket pc was indeed due to my right eye being able to move separate from the other. Weird how the brain compensates.

5) Transparency

I'm a great fan of transparency in my work, but back when I was doing my science O levels I found that the back sheet was laid face down but was transparent. Nice. Since the mock exam was due to start in an hour I did some "background reading". I will never forget Rutherford's research (incidentally many years later studied at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory) and it is now etched on my memory. It was not suprising that my final exam didn't have the same favourable result.

To be honest I don't know enough people who do blogs, but I can nominate Chris Allan, Joe Fitzgerald, Mike Lipscombe, Yves Pitsch and Adam Magee.