Team Foundation Server - Working folder is already in use

I have been using TFS in anger for a bit now, thanks to Grant Halliday from Readify for the setup. Typically I had a bash at changing things, notably users ina a different domain and adding them to a domain group. Things from that point went pretty pear shaped; moral of the story: Get your users and domain trust relationships sorted first.

If you do change users you may find that your working folder on your machine is "used"  by another user type.

The remedy to Working folder is already in use:

  • Do not delete your cache !!
  • Remove workspaces locally (file - source control - workspaces - delete)
  • If needed follow further steps:

List the workspaces, per user, on your machine. Open a VS2005 command prompt:

tf workspaces /server:http://<server>:8080 /computer:<computer>-client

 tf workspaces /computer:<computer> /owner:* /format:detailed

  • Remove workspaces that you want to re-assign

 tf workspace /delete /server:http://<server>:8080 <computer>;<domain>\<client>

  • Get the latest code by creating the new workspace as a last resort you can delete from the database,

A freeware utility from Attrice that provides a GUI to manage your TFS Workspaces may also help