TFS and Vista Gadgets with WPF

I was reading Mick Badran’s blog and noticed he belonged to the TechEd 2007 community bloggers site

I picked up on two key articles Configuring TFS to use SharePoint 2007 and the CC.NET Vista Sidebar Gadget

CC.Net I have used a few projects back and thought that it was great. I really like the instant feedback it provides and it makes total sense that you would want this as a gadget. System tray was the old way (on desktop non obtrusive) but gadgets provide the push interface with the ability to provide functionality at the same time.

I went hunting for the equivalent TFS gadget. I discovered how to build

WPF Vista Gadgets from the Karsten who I remember working with on UDDI.

I was pleased to see Paul Stovell’s locally built Team Build Vista Gadget

The only other tool I found on my quick search was the TFS Query Tracker