Upgraded? to Apple Macbook Pro (with Vista Home Premium)

Muchto the confusion of my colleagues I have continued my Apple home hardware path. Yes, I am running Vista. Yes, I've been through a few problems - most of which I had been through before with my Mac Mini.

The Vista install was a dream (0 issues). But the same old performance counters and USB device not recognised in the device manager.

This mail is a list of some of the fixes for my Apple Core 2 Duo 2.33:

  1. Installation of MacBook Pro 1.12 (/A/v) <- without the extension will result in a failed install and you will have to copy bits out before it crashs
  2. Thanks to the this thread I found a later driver fixed the Atheros 5008 (not X). Version 6.02.75 works with WPA whilst the Mac CD driver didn't. Note still having some issues with connectivity to network. It appears to not be signal related. It does appear to be location specific though
  3. High pitch whistle on screen - appears to go down with pressing folding rubber, angle of screen, brightless low. Currently disappeared and hoping it stays that way
  4. Weird - The Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 I have didn't install but the Wireless Notebok Optical mouse worked fine.  By installing from the web site here it all worked fine

Learned the hard way that a dodgy CD (ie. doesn't load) should not be put in a mac. It really doesnt like it and there is no eject switch. Only a power down and a hold of the mouse button will eject. Even shutting down MacOs or Vista won't work as the CD continues to be read.

As part of my installation fun I dicovered via this post that the wheel button now has a new feature called Instant Viewer. Not bad.

Todo: ISight not working (green light comes on but no-one at home)