Vista RC2 installs

Having waited for RC2 to arrive to sort out my Media Center woes on my Mac Mini, it was worth it. A combination of Bootcamp 1.1.1, Vista build 5744 (available a day earlier than I had anticipated) and Sigmatel installation (forced copy from Bootcamp XP drivers CD) saw my problems on gone (stuttering etc). It took a few attempts to discover the correct combination but now my Media Center runs like a dream (funniest thing was that previously saved movies played back fine).

I also installed RC2 on my home Sony A190. Both my installs have been upgrades and first time successful (installation time on my Mac Mini would be around an hour – my Sony probably double or triple that).

I'm very happy with:

  • Boot time (seems to be 30-40 seconds)


  • Media Center (very fast and most glitches gone – TV is great)

I found a few posts to the download for Vista RC2. Which surprised me as it's a selective audience (RC2 was expected to be skipped). Will try are find out what's happening there....

Hopefully Vista RC2 will improve my Sony performance (which is awful compared with XP), which seems to be affected by the 3d graphics card (on two monitors RC2 switched off Aero!!).