WCF fault - The creator of this fault did not specify a reason

I was throwing a simple WCF FaultException yesterday and came across the same problem as this on the forums

 The client was trying to catch a fault as below:

catch (FaultException<InvalidOperationException> fexc)


MessageBox.Show("A fault occurred because of an invalid operation exception"


To get it working from a server perspective I had to delcare the following:

InvalidOperationException oe = new InvalidOperationException(

"Debit amount is greater than balance in account " + accountNumber);

FaultException<InvalidOperationException> fe = new FaultException<InvalidOperationException>(oe,

new FaultReason("Debit amount is greater than balance in account " + accountNumber));

throw fe;

I also marked the service interface with the following attribute:



I'm sure there must be a better way.... will followup