Web Visitors to Citizens - The Web Visitor

part 1 of a my concept of the transition of web visitor to resident


The web visitor is someone who uses the data and services of a company on an ad-hoc basis


Enter by chance, recommendation, e-mail or by search engine


The visitor usually has specific content in mind.

Observe, consume filter and leave. Optionally may retain URL as a bookmark or favourite and email to a colleague or friend


Generic: HTML

Microsoft:IE, IIS, WSS, SPS, CMS, ASP, ASP.NET, MSN, Windows Media Services, .NET 1.0, messenger


Wikipedia (behind the scenes there are some resident features for authors)


What this means for the organization is if they are publishing static content is that the content probably will reach the wrong audience. It won’t typically be found by the customers, contractors the writer intended.

At the very least information should be provided as would be expected in an instruction manual.

So, that dependant on role, information and processes, contacts, reports and submissions can be centralized and referred.