What to do with nostalgic techy T shirts?

I have an abundance of technical T-shirts that I have received from various conferences. As they are largely unbearable (uber geek) I am left with the dubious decision what to do. Naturally they are nostalgic and "prove" you were there, but most often they end up as cleaning utensils for the jobs around the house.

The latest victim prior to the Aussie half yearly council cleanup, was the VBits 99 T shirt from San Francisco. (1 year before the .net reveal - or what was then NGWS "Next Generation Windows Services")

"I may be too technical for you" = "High Voltage Developer"


Nothings changed too much, in terms of the technical divide. In my current role I can see both sides of the fence, those who wouldn't do anything else and those who look on with furrowed brow.

I'll post a few more here as they are quite amusing.

Have a great week!