Hi, my name's David Notario. I'm a developer in the x86 JIT compiler team in the CLR, although we've been doing a lot of other stuff there lately.

A bit about myself: I was born and raised in the sunny Canary Islands, in Spain, went to university in Madrid, Spain, spent some years in the video game industry and then decided it would be a good idea to see what working on big software was. This week it will be 4 years since I came to the US.

I used to write in a non msdn blog before (, but haven't been very active lately on it and want to speak more about the CLR (the other one is more focused on my side projects), so that's how I ended up here.

Feel free to ask questions or suggestions for my posts. I'll answer what I can and I will try get somebody to answer what I can't.

Topics that I will be visiting will be:

  • JIT Compiler: Optimizations, tips, etc... One of the main reasons I want to have this blog is to answer a lot of FAQs about the JIT, so instead of resending e-mails, I can just point them to this site.
  • Miscellaneous CLR stuff: statics, string interning, ngen, gc, etc...
  • Experiences with .NET with my side projects
  • Floating point.
  • Graphics.
  • Other stuff