Override bitlocker PIN entry during reboot

One of my machines has bitlocker enabed but doesn't have a TPM chip. This translates into an annoying but secure PIN or password entry every time a reboot is required. This is okay when I'm near the computer but sometimes I have to reboot while being remote.

WARNING: this might leave your computer vulnerable. You're doing this under your own risk.

If you're in this situation, take a look at this article: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Restart-Computer-with-707ae728.

Copy the powershell script from there into a file called Restart-ComputerWithBitlocker.ps1. To run, open Powershell as an Administrator and execute:

PS> . .\Restart-ComputerWithBitlocker.ps1; Restart-ComputerWithBitlocker

If you prefer to have a CMD file, create one and put these contents inside:

 @echo off
powershell -command "& { . %~dp0\Restart-ComputerWithBitlocker.ps1; Restart-ComputerWithBitlocker }"

Again, you'll have to execute as an Administrator.

Note that this is not supported by Microsoft. Also, note that if you chose to execute this you're clearing Microsoft and myself from any issues that might derive from it, including security-related issues. Please, always ensure you understand each and every step of what you're doing before executing any code taken from the internet.