24 degrees in 24 hours


Spanish version

Tuesday 23th we had an event in Tenerife (canary islands) I think it was fine, interesting content (.net 3.0), about 100 attendants, great speakers ( Alejandro Mezcua, Miguel Jimenez & Pablo Pelaez ) but what made this event different was the temperature...it was about 24 C degrees in 23th January!! Hot, sun, a beer in a terrace, sea...we felt like going to the beach :_) 

Next day we woke up in Tenerife, flight at 7:15am to Madrid (15 C degrees there), once arrived  I worked in the office till 4pm, and then go back to the airport to take another plane to Navarra...when I landed everything was covered by snow!! c'mon!!, I was still thinking on the terrace beer in tenerife! Temperature was about 0 degrees or less (thanks a lot Carlos & Elena for picking me up in the airport) You can see some photos in the Navarra photo link on the left pane

24 degrees less...I hope to dodge the flu :_)

In Navarra, the  Navarra .net Users group planned a great event in the Public University of Navarra´s facilities. I was in charge of these sessions: ASP.NET AJAX, WCF (thanks for participating Sergio) & WPF. I am especially proud of the ASP.NET AJAX lecture:

We saw the roadmap/evolution of AJAX from basic techniques such as IFRAME, MSXML and HTTPRequestObject until the new ASP.NET AJAX. I tried to explain the difference between traditional AJAX and the ASP.NET AJAX. ASP.NET AJAX it's not just partial rendering, it has client libraries, server controls, bridges for other services... too. Demos were basic but I think that these show perfectly the difference between ASP.NET applications and ASp.NET AJAX applications and why should we start using it NOW!! :)

Iñaki Ayucar made an amazing XNA session based on a project where he is working on. Why does he recommend move from pure DirectX to managed code, benefits/problems around the movement, coding hints from his own experience, etc. Demo was from the SIMAX project, if you check the photo gallerry, he's the one with cap. ThenCarlos Segura (Sharepint MVP ) made the Wf lecture, it was based on a demo that showed us how to ask for shrimps in a bar :D

Dear reader...even if you are nor aware of it...when you ask for shrimps...under the cover this process requires exception management, transactions, events, code activities, rules...it's just that as we often do it, we are in the habit it and do not realize about the complexity :D

People was nice and I had a good time, maybe a little bit tired due to the trips, but happy.

From these events I have brought some homework, a few questions that we did not know the answer, or we were not sure about it (I have more from an event last week too)

But first i have to complete mandatory trainings at work :_) these are the result of the role change, will try to do it asap ;)

BTW...thursady 1st February I am going to US for training, will try to share the experience , take some pictures, and buy a Zune!!  ( will try to answer the questions before this trip ;) )

Happy Hacking!